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Triangle Power Jacket (Small-3X)



The triangle is the most powerful shape.

When pressure is put on any of its sides, it will hold its shape.  When life puts pressure on us it reminds us; We’re impossible to break.

Its upward facing point is the reminder; we can rise above.

Lastly the circle above the triangle symbolizes our head and mind, where our power lives.

Putting those elements together makes a symbol representing innerpower and strength.

The logo is our constant reminder: She knew she could. 

Wear this jacket and feel that power. The power that is inside of you.

Decorate it with things that have meaning to you. Make it your jacket of power and feel the connection to the other women feeling their inner power as well!

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Materials: Denim
Sizes: S, M, L, XL,2X, 3X
Hand or spot wash only.
Hang dry
99% cotton