Dual-Sided “OTB” Pink Breast Cancer Necklace


This silver tone necklace is inspiring whether you are supporting breast cancer awareness or just love pink. Wear it with the words facing out when you want the world to know you are a warrior and a reminder your strength can always push you through. Other times, flip the disc and keep the words close to your heart, sending your strength inward, with the triangle facing out, as a reminder that you hold the power to conquer anything. 

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Each charm comes on an 18 inch chain.

Made of stainless steel and will not tarnish.


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Why the Triangle Logo

The triangle is the most powerful shape.

When pressure is put on any of its sides, it will hold its shape.  When life puts pressure on us it reminds us; We’re impossible to break.

Its upward facing point is the reminder; we can rise above.

Lastly the circle above the triangle symbolizes our head and mind, where our power lives.

Putting those elements together makes a symbol representing innerpower and strength.

The logo is our constant reminder: She knew she could. 





Pain is a lonely place.

Others can empathize, offer advice, or give you a shoulder to cry on,

but at the end of the day, when the door is closed, it’s just you.

Life didn’t give you a choice.

But the strength to endure comes from within you. You’re resilient

and powerful enough to get through this.

You dig deep, even when you feel the weakest and most vulnerable.

You push through.

We created a symbol of that internal power that is always there,

to remind you of your own strength, or to support someone else’s.

For the days that are the biggest challenges, grab it and hold on tight.

Because you’re as tough as you need to be.

You are One Tough B.

She knew she could.