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OTB Jean Jacket



The triangle is the most powerful shape.

When pressure is put on any of its sides, it will hold its shape.  When life puts pressure on us it reminds us; We’re impossible to break.

Its upward facing point is the reminder; we can rise above.

Lastly the circle above the triangle symbolizes our head and mind, where our power lives.

Putting those elements together makes a symbol representing innerpower and strength.

The logo is our constant reminder: She knew she could. 


Not all heroes wear capes.

They go about their day — taking on challenges, beating opponents — without anyone seeing the depth of their super powers. Put on our OTB jean jacket with the understanding that whatever you’re facing, you have the strength within you to make it through.

Wear the jean jacket, with our signature OTB design, all on its own, or customize it to fit your own style — with pins, patches, even paint, like the jacket with the beautiful flower, pictured.

However you wear it is up to you.

When it’s on your shoulders, we hope you feel both powerful and protected by what the symbols represent. And know that you’ve got the comfort and camaraderie of other everyday heroes who knew they could, right there with you.

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Materials: Denim
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Hand or spot wash
Hang dry
99% cotton

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