Empowering women to be their own hero

Logo Jean Jacket




The mission of OTB community is to support women when they feel challenged by life. 

Feel your power in this jacket when you wear it.




Make this your power jacket.

Wear the jean jacket, with our signature logo design, all on its own, or customize it to fit your own style — with pins, patches, even paint. Add your own messages, power symbols or things you love to make this feel like you.

Wear our jean jacket with the understanding that whatever you’re facing, you have the strength within you to make it through.

However you wear it is up to you.

When it’s on your shoulders, we hope you feel both powerful and protected by what the symbols represent. And know that you’ve got the comfort and camaraderie of other everyday heroes who knew they could, right there with you.

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Jackets come true to size.