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Get to Know Our OTB Sisterhood



Tracey Nominated by Nicole Tracey has beaten ovarian cancer, and many other hard challenges in her life. After taking head-on something so difficult, it would be understandable that she would want to put that time in her life far behind her. But instead, she continues to fight today, supporting other fellow Teal Sisters. Every September, which is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, Tracey ties teal ribbons around trees and light posts and passes [...]



Tresa  Nominated by Jennifer Tresa is a hard-working single mom, who survived an abusive husband, raising her two children (one with special needs) all her own.In 2017, she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy and underwent IV chemotherapy for a year.Even though her job dismissed her recently, she gets up with a smile and a positive attitude every morning. And if she's having a bad day she [...]


Lauren S.

Lauren S. (Nominated by Misti) At the age of 26, Lauren became a caregiver to her husband who was diagnosed with esophageal cancer one year after their marriage. For two years, she has been using her medical expertise to fight every battle that has faced them. Between the firing of their doctor, insurance battles, treatments, surgeries and much more, she moves forward. She not only takes care of her husband but she [...]



Lorraine (nominated by Alaina) Lorraine was raised by a single, working mom and many times was teased or ridiculed by other children. To get through, she dreamed of opening a restaurant. During her entire adult life, she began collecting items for her “someday” eatery. After her mother died, she decided to open a place that would become a spa-like getaway for women, if only for an afternoon. Women are now coming from [...]



Winna After her breast cancer diagnosis, Winna made the difficult decision to have mastectomies even though it was suggested to have a lumpectomy. Having lost her own mother at a very young age to Leukemia, and being a mother to 3 young boys, she made this decision to assure they would get all the cancer. Luckily, she had made this decision, as they found two other tumors in the tissue that had [...]


Jen S

Jen S. I’m Jen Schwartz, founder of MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD. I’m also a postpartum depression survivor, maternal mental health advocate, and a mom who wakes up every morning, pops her happy pills, and does the best she can. Some days that means I rock the shit out of motherhood and others it means I drop my kid off at school in the clothes I slept in, put him in front of a [...]


Dawn P

Dawn P. Nominated by Christine C. Dawn was diagnosed with leukemia a few years ago, and then later needed a bone marrow transplant. She was very sick during this time - in and out of the hospital - but she never gave up. She always had a positive outlook on everything in life, even after losing her job during the time after her transplant. While she was going through more than anyone [...]


Cara S

A breast cancer survivor with the BRCA 1 gene, Cara underwent surgery, intensive chemo, and an elective hysterectomy. She shares her OTB Story on how she stayed motivated and strong during the toughest battle of her life. Read more >


Dr. Arabia Mollette

Born and raised in the South Bronx, NYC, I grew up in a community plagued with crime and poverty. Tragedies in my life sparked a desire to make a difference in my community. I live by the words “You are a fighter and you will make it.” It’s important for children in my community to have role models and I hope that I will be able to inspire and influence them just like other doctors inspired me. Read more >

OTB Stories

How OTB helped Tammi Leader Fuller & Campowerment through Hard Times

Meet Tammi Leader Fuller, one of our OTB Sisterhood Founding members, and founder of Give Her Camp and Campowerment. In November 2018, her business lost everything in the Malibu Fires. She’s sharing her story of how One Tough Bitch got her through, and continues to lift her up during this difficult time of rebuilding. From the moment I heard about One Tough Bitch, I knew I had one living deep inside me, usually rearing her lovely head to take me out of mine in the 11th hour of whatever crisis was in front of me, when I really need her to comfort my crazy, like last week as I headed up to Malibu to see the remains of a dream I’ve had, reduced to ashes in those horrific fires last month. I threw on my One Tough Bitch jean jacket the moment I got in the car, hoping she would come through for me as I prepared to walk through the destruction on that hilltop. I’m not sure I could have endured this without her. For 34 years, I was a TV News Producer, and in 2013, walked out of the control room and into the woods to create Campowerment, [...]