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Carlee, Episode 43

Carlee is an expert helping professionals who feel overworked or overwhelmed, but her journey started when she experienced childhood trauma, which led to her own journey of overworking and then, burnout. Now she runs The Stress Less Company, which is dedicated to helping professionals around the country reduce stress through coaching. 

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Grace, Episode 42

Grace’s love of animals turned into activism. She founded Finding Shelter Animal Rescue to help save and place animals from puppy mills. Listen to how she started her journey into saving animals and educating others to do the same. 

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Girls Night In Online Promo

Connect with other women through free online classes and workshops, and support women who have lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus outbreak. From yoga to kitchen organization, and a whole lot more, take a free class daily with one of our instructors, then support them through their Venmo "virtual tip jar" account. You'll enjoy the camaraderie of our sisterhood, and support the tribe of women who need it most right now. All proceeds go directly to these women.   Visit GNIOnline.com to sign up. 

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Terra, Episode 41

After her experience with post partum depression and OCD, Terra decided to try the mindfulness techniques she had used with her clients on herself. Now, she runs Mindful Mamas , a website and new app, that helps make mindfulness practice more accessible to all. 

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Amanda, Episode 40

Amanda's journey to self-care was not an easy one. Working too many long hours and putting others first gravely affected her health, her finances, and her family. Now, on her podcast and on stage, she speaks about the importance of radical self care.

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Scharmaine, Episode 39

Scharmaine went from living in the projects with her grandmother, to earning a doctorate in nursing. Her hard work, dedication, and ingenuity helped Hurricane Katrina victims during their time of need. On this episode, Scharmaine shares how she rallied in her darkest times to keep going, and how she's using her platform to help inspire young girls to become advanced nurse practitioners through her Nola the Nurse  children's book series. 

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Dee, Episode 38

After her breast cancer diagnosis, Dee Burrell's career focus took a huge shift. From motivational speaking and life coaching, to book author and breast cancer advocate, she spends her time spreading a positive message we can all benefit from. Follow her amazing journey, and learn more about what she's doing now in today's episode. 

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Sarah, Episode 36

After experiencing the stillbirth of her son, Jesse, in November of 2000, Sarah Slack decided to reach out to other grieving families who experience the loss of a child. On this episode, she shares how she processed the grief, and what she hopes to accomplish with her non-profit, The TEARS Foundation.

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Carol Jean, Episode 35

A life of tragedy did not stop Carol Jean Wilson. She has turned her grief into power, and is spreading the word on how others can Prove Them Wrong, the title of her new book. She shares her incredible story of survival on this week's episode. 

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Raven, Episode 34

Even though Raven Magwood is in her early 20s, she has accomplished so many amazing things in her life. From gymnastics champion to book author to non-profit founder, Raven is determined to inspire others to reach their full potential. On this episode, Raven shares how her hard work has helped her attain success, with a message that inspires others.  

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