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How cancer survivors feel about the words “battle” and “warrior.”

Recently, we had a discussion with several cancer survivors and allies about how they feel about the words “battle” and “warrior.” Both words are commonly used in referring to people with cancer, however, they are actually quite controversial. We know that the language we use to speak about people with cancer, like everything else, is so important, not just because it’s part of our mission to inspire women with cancer, but also because it’s important for everyone to understand the implication their words can have. If you’ve been curious as to how cancer survivors and allies feel about these words, here’s what some of the folks we chatted with had to say. Wendy shared that the terms make her feel incredibly uncomfortable. “Warrior and battle are tied to victory. I don’t feel victorious about my experience. I endured and managed, barely.” Many of the women actually felt the words didn’t quite apply to their experience. Ellen mentioned that while she was a bit annoyed by the word “journey” she understands it better now. “Life is a journey; your cancer journey is an obstacle in the journey of life.” She, along with a few other women, including Lori, just felt that [...]

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The Power of Female Friendships When You Get a Cancer Diagnosis

You’ll find no shortage of research that shows how impactful friendship is on a person’s life. Whether it’s a positive outlook, a more hopeful attitude on life, or even a longer lifespan, friendships are important, and can even have a greater influence on psychological well-being than family relationships. There’s even evidence that friendships can have a positive effect on a person’s physical health. So, when a woman gets a cancer diagnosis, it might seem obvious that her female friendships could deeply affect her. But unfortunately, that can be a challenge for many women, due to the difficulties that some people experience around such news. Some friends say the wrong thing. Others don’t say anything at all. And so, at a time when women need their friends the month, they can often experience a deafening silence. There are a few things you can do to help mitigate the awkwardness that can arise between friends when a cancer diagnosis is involved. Move beyond your own discomfort. It’s not about you! Remember that this is about your friend, not about you. So, step out of your comfort zone. Saying something is better than saying nothing. Cancer is just awkward, so don’t be ashamed [...]

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5 Black Women Whose Stories Will Inspire You

  At One Tough Bitch, it’s important for us to amplify women’s stories. That’s why we launched our Real Women, Real Stories podcast. In particular this week, we want to share the stories of these 5 amazing black women. Meet Dr. Scharmaine Lawson, who saved lives during Hurricane Katrina and started her own children’s book series. Life coach and author Dee Burrell is a breast cancer survivor with a positive message. Even though Raven Magwood is only in her early 20’s, she’s already a published author and a non-profit founder. When Tamika Felder was diagnosed with cervical cancer, she not only became a fighter, but she started a community to support all women fighting cervical cancer. And you can’t help but be inspired by the work Latanya Johnson is doing in her community of Englewood to support children in need.

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5 self-care ideas when you’re in quarantine

As many of us continue to quarantine during this COVID-19 pandemic, we’re feeling the weight of the stress and anxiety on our shoulders. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that you’ve got a healthy self-care regimen in place. Here are 5 self-care ideas that could help alleviate some of your stress, and boost your morale. Morning meditation. Just five minutes of mindfulness can go a long way, at least according to mediation expert Anne Sussman. Meditation can help you find focus and peace as you start your day. Scheduled quiet time. Take a break from homeschooling or work, and schedule 10-15 minutes of “me” time into your day. You can sit and watch a show, read a book, or write in a journal. Virtual lunch with a friend. Set up a lunch date with a friend on a daily or weekly basis. Grab your food, then call them over Zoom or FaceTime. It’s amazing what a little connection can do for your spirit. At-home spa night. Give yourself a facial, or mini manicure. Or just sit in the tub with some candles. If you can’t go to the spa for some relaxation, bring it home to yourself. Take an [...]

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5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Quarantine

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we put together 5 creative ways you can celebrate the mom in your life while in quarantine. With just a little bit of preparation, you can make Mother’s Day extra special. 1. Brunch over Zoom or Facetime  Set a time on Sunday, and enjoy your brunch over a Zoom or FaceTime call. You can send a few recipes to your family members ahead of time so you could all be eating the same thing, as if you were all at the same table. 2. Game Night on House Party Download the House Party app and play one of their fun games together. From Quick Draw (which is like Pictionary) to Heads Up, a game that Ellen made popular, you’ll enjoy a whole lot of laughs together. 3. Watch a Movie Together  Let mom pick her favorite movie, and watch it together using Netflix Party. Popcorn required! 4. Stage a Drive By Celebration Make a few signs and schedule a parade of cars to drive by mom’s house. Encourage lots of horn blowing and music blasting! Just make sure it’s not too early in the morning. 5. Gift Opening Party  Send the mom in your life special gift, like [...]

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A therapist shares how to deal with your feelings around quarantine and social distancing

With so many women experiencing stress and anxiety due to social distancing and quarantine, we spoke with art psychotherapist Tina Montagna-Tate, MA, ATR-BC, LPC about how we can calm our nerves and get through these next weeks.  1. Foster an attitude of gratitude. Especially during these difficult times, it’s important to take stock of what's going right. Thinking about things you're grateful for can shift your perspective and lift your mood. When you make your gratitude list, try to be specific. And they don’t have to be big either--feeling grateful even for your perfect strawberries at breakfast can do the trick.  2. Calming Mantras For Worry Brains: If you're prone to worry, or "what if?" thinking, a calming mantra can help slow your brain's roll. Come up with a mantra that is balanced and truthful ("It's too soon to have the answers" or "We have everything we need right now," "We're doing what we can do,') and repeat every time a worry presents. 3. Make a "Feel Better List" - Generate a list of things that make you feel better and engage in these activities regularly, when needed. Taking a walk or bath, eating ice cream, and playing word games on your phone are [...]

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5 Ways to Use Technology to Stay Connected During This Difficult Time

  As we navigate these challenging times, it’s important for our own mental health and well-being for us to remain as connected as possible. Thankfully, technology allows us to stay social, even if we’re physically separated from friends and family members. Here are 5 online platforms and apps you can use to help keep you connected during the COVID-19 crisis, and beyond. Just keep in mind, you’ll need an internet connection to use all of these services. In some cases, your cellular service will do. We hope they help you find the connections we're all longing for during this difficult time. Zoom You might have used Zoom for business meetings, but it’s a fantastic way to chat with friends and family. Best used on a laptop or desktop, Zoom allows you to join together all on one screen with video, and chat. Skype If you’re looking to connect with international friends and family, Skype allows you to do just that. Chat via audio or video, depending on what you prefer. Just make sure you have the newest version to do video calls. Marco Polo This fun video app lets you send video messages to individuals or groups. They can watch [...]

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