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Jessa, Episode 28

As a survivor and thriver of human trafficking, Jessa now spends her time helping prevent this from happening to others. Through her education as a mental health counselor, and her non-profit BridgeHope, Jessa works tirelessly to battle this crime that is rampant in the United States. On this episode, she shares her incredible story, as well as what we all need to know (and how we can help). 

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Shannon, Episode 27

Shannon Miller is best known for her amazing performances in both the 1992 and 1996 Olympics, but what you might not know about her is that she's an ovarian cancer survivor. On this episode, she shares her story  - what happened after the Olympics, and how her cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery changed her. 

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Kelly, Episode 26

Kelly turned the tragedy of losing her son, an active-duty soldier, into a wide-reaching good. On this episode, Kelly shares what inspired her to found My Warrior’s Place, a non-profit that serves Veterans, Military Service Members, First Responders and Gold Star Families.

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Sandra, Episode 25

Sandra always had a passion for helping youth. After returning home from a mission trip, Sandra heard some horrific news.  It was at that point she and her family decided to sell everything to buy a property that is now known as Purpose Farm, a place where children in need get support through working with animals.

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Maggie, Episode 24

Maggie was pursuing her dream as a young professional dancer when she got devastating news: a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. Today, she uses her popular social media platform @BaldBallerina to help educate young people about MBC.

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Tracey, Episode 23

Faced with abuse, sexual assault, and the recent death of her husband, Tracey turned her pain into a healing practice, by helping others as a crisis counselor and life coach. On this episode she shares the indescribable challenges she has faced and overcome, as well as how she is working to help other women like her, though her Daring Woman website and podcast. 

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Megan, Episode 22

After tragedy struck close to home after September 11, Megan felt a pull to do more to help her own families and others like her. As a way to connect with others, and encourage others to do the same, she founded her non-profit, HeartWorks . On this episode, she shares the story of how she was able to heal her pain by helping others heal theirs.

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LaTanya, Episode 21

LaTanya’s mother wasn’t able to take her many places when she was a child. That’s part of what motivated her to start her non-profit LaTanya & TheYouth of Englewood, a safe haven for many children in her community. She provides after-school and summer camp services to low-income youth, working tireless daily to give them what she did not have as a child. Her story will inspire you.

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Mika, Episode 20

Mika was an athlete her entire life, eating healthy and exercising the recommended amount. But then she started feeling chest pains while she was running, which her doctor just chalked up to stress and anxiety. Her EKGs were normal and she was in her 30s. The pain kept happening, until it got so bad on her birthday hike that she was insistent that she see a cardiologist. Turns out, Mika was right to be worried. On this episode, we share Mika’s amazing survivor story that inspired her to start her fitness company Goomi Group.

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Kristine, Episode 19

When Kristine Deer lost her job in 2009, she wasn’t sure what to do. A friend encouraged her to try hot yoga, and after her first class she was hooked. What followed was inspiration that fueled invention, leading Kristine down an exciting path as an entrepreneur with a big heart. On this episode, you’ll hear how Kristine grew her company K-Deer from her own garage, to a brand that celebs are photographed in.

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