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Jen, Episode 16

The day after Jen got home with her infant son she started to feel symptoms of post partum depression, but it wasn’t until her mom intervened that she knew what was going on. Sadly, Jen’s experience is not uncommon; millions of women experience symptoms of a maternal mental health disorder but go undiagnosed and untreated. With that in mind, Jen decided to start her community, Motherhood Understood, to help remind other women out there that they’re not alone. She now reaches thousands of women every single day with her message of empathy and support.

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Megs, Episode 15

When Megs met Beverly at a tutoring session, she didn’t realize it would be the start of a complete career change. But when she learned that Beverly had never had a birthday party, she felt compelled to do something. So, she applied for a grant from Scholastic, and much to her surprise, she won. Since then, her non-profit Beverly’s Birthdays has hosted birthday parties for thousands of kids, as well as provided support and essentials for homeless and low income families. Through the simple concept of a birthday party, Megs has changed the lives of thousands of families who just needed someone to acknowledge that they mattered on their very special day.

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Aliza and Dr. June Chin, Episode 14

Both Aliza Sherman and Dr. June Chin suffered from chronic pain, sleep issues, and other ailments, with no real relief in sight. That’s when they both decided to research Cannabis and CBD as a possible remedy. The amazing effects they experienced personally led them to pen a new book Cannibis and CBD for Health and Wellness which is a helpful guide to everything you want to know about this topic. On this episode, they answer common questions about CBD and Cannabis, and share how their own challenges led to their expertise.  

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Jessica, Episode 13

Jessica Ashley was pretty sure she’d always stay married, but after finding herself in a police station looking for her husband, she realized that might not be how her story ended. Through her divorce and life as a single parent, Jessica took the lessons she learned along the way and decided to channel them into a new career: divorce coach. On this episode, we chat with Jessica about the challenges she faced, and how she helps other women get through them, both as a coach and on her site, Single Mom Nation.

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Lysne, Episode 12

After Lysne Tait read an article in Huffington Post about low income and homeless women not having access to products, she and her friend decided to host a breakfast to raise money to help purchase them for a local organization. When 100 people responded, she realized there was a great need and interest, which she turned into her non-profit Helping Women Period. They provide menstrual products for over 100 charities in the mid-Michigan area. On this episode, she shares startling facts, along with ways people can get more involved in helping in their own community.

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Heidi, Episode 11

You might know Heidi Ganahl as the founder of Camp Bow Wow, a $100 million dollar leader the pet and franchise industry. But what you might not know is that she overcame struggles early in her career that could have sent her path in a different direction. On this episode, Heidi shares her inspiring story, and gives advice to budding young entrepreneurs. Plus, get a sneak peek into SheFactor , her new book and app that’s aimed at empowering young women.

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Brittney, Episode 10

It’s been 7 years since Brittney Hogan’s husband Hunter was killed in Afghanistan in the line of duty. She struggled with the devastating loss, and turned to alcohol to cope. At the prompting of a friend, she started running, and realized that fitness became her therapy. She started designing inspiring t-shirts, then turned her passion into a 503(c) non-profit. When you purchase t-shirts and workout gear at Virago Fitness, the proceeds help provide free fitness therapy classes to people like her who were struggling and need it most.

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Aimee, Episode 9

What happens when you get to the ER, only to discover that what you’re suffering from is something no one in the hospital has ever encountered? That’s what happened to Aimee Haller Follis, wife and mother of 3, who nearly died from Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), a rare infection that is usually associated with tampon use. On this episode, Aimee shares the harrowing story of her TSS diagnosis and recovery, with the hopes to help spread awareness about this rare but deadly disease.

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