About OTB

In the midst of the greatest challenges and the ones we face on a daily basis, we can easily forget who we are and the strength we have deep within us. OTB products are something tangible to hold onto. A reminder of your inner power.

We hope you’ll join our community reminding women that even when we get knocked down, we always have the power, given time — no matter how long it takes —  to stand back up.


When facing a second round of cancer, an empowering mantra went through her head. “You did this before, you can do it again. You are one tough bitch, hang in there.”  So she went to a jeweler and made a necklace with the words One Tough Bitch as a reminder she would make it through.

Shelly wore that necklace with the message facing in, so only she knew it was there.  It helped her to focus and remember her inner-strength. When days got challenging, holding on to the necklace helped her.

She never intended to create a brand around her challenges. But during an interview for the wildly popular Modern Hero Facebook franchise, she spoke for the first time publicly about this necklace that strengthened her. After that interview aired on Mother’s Day, so many people also wanted a necklace, the brand was born.

Interestingly, Shelly had just co-published a book called Breaking Sad, a compilation of stories from people who have suffered immeasurable loss, talking about what to say to someone going through hard times, when you don’t know what to say or do.

And the more she thought about it, she realized it would be a great gift for someone who is struggling.

So whether YOU, or a gift to someone you love to remind her of how tough she is, this brand’s for you.



For OTB, it symbolizes 3 things:

  1. We’re impossible to break. Just like a triangle’s structure alleviates the pressure of any weight through even distribution.
  2. We are all we need. Just like a triangle, whose shape is solid and stable, all on its own.
  3. We can rise above. Just like a triangle with its upward facing point.

And the circle at the top symbolizes our head and mind, where our inner power lives. Wear it and know the power of you.

The One Tough Bitch Manifesto

Life didn’t give you a choice.

But the strength to endure comes from within you. You’re resilient and powerful enough to get through this.

You dig deep, even when you feel the weakest and most vulnerable. You push through. Over and over again.

We’ve created a symbol of that internal power that is always there, to remind you of your own strength, or to support someone else’s.

For the days that are the biggest challenges, grab it and hold on tight.
Feel the reminder.

Because you’re as tough as you need to be.

She knew she could.™