About OTB

A community reminding women that even when we get knocked down, we always have the power, given time — no matter how long it takes —  to stand back up.


I was always the daughter/friend/mother/wife/sister who tried to do the right things in life and to be the best role model I could. That is why if you knew me, you would realize how hysterically funny it is that my legacy might be being known as a “Tough Bitch.” People laugh because I can barely say the brand out loud, but when life kicks you to the curb, a powerful internal mantra can push you back up!

It all started when I was facing a second round of cancer in 2017, I felt down and scared. One day I heard in my head “You did this before, you can do it again. You are one tough bitch, pull it together.”  It was so powerful I went to the jeweler and made a necklace engraved with the words One Tough Bitch. I wore it so no one could see the words. Yet it reminded me I would be ok, and gave me something to hold onto when I was scared.

Two years later, as I approach the end of my treatments, I know how much this necklace helped my journey. Whatever helps you, whether it be alone or with others you will push through.

Remember: Every day the sun comes up. And so can we!


The most powerful shape, represents a mountain. One step at a time we can climb anything.

And the circle at the top symbolizes our head and mind, where our inner power lives. Wear it and know the power of you.

 You’re as tough as you need to be.